During our slower months in the winter, we took inventory of how we could strengthen our message to better communicate our unique service proposition. We knew our portfolio spoke to many prospective couples, but beyond that portfolio and the words on our site, we didn’t effectively utilize the very medium we use for our couples and other businesses: film and story telling through film. 

So we began interviewing a whole host of previous couples, trying to understand why they chose us, what they loved about our approach, how they felt when they watched their wedding film, and so much more.

The answers that came our way were nothing short of inspiring and reaffirmed everything we stand for. 

We chose the couple who showed the most desire, complexity and uniqueness, packed our bags and flew to San Francisco where we spent 2 days creating this story with Konnie and Jesse, who — better than we could have ever on our own — told their story of what their wedding film means to them. 

This film has helped us strengthen our brand and make our USP a lot more clear to couples who are looking around and considering a wedding filmmaker. 

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