Story Keywords:

Forbidden. Confident. Touch. Go-Getters. Fun-Loving.

Couple: Katrina and Louis
Location: Olowalu, Maui Hawaii
Planner: Ana Contessa of Tropical Maui Weddings
Hair and Make-Up: Meili Autumn Beauty

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes couples tell me straight up, “Stephan, we love your visuals so much, but just don’t quite have the mental bandwidth in the weeks and month leading up to the event to work on story with you! Any chance you can just do what you do with your cinematography and use whatever narrative might come your way?”

That’s what Katrina asked me. And while story is really what we love first and foremost, we also love creating beautiful imagery, a LOT. And so yeah, we’re OK with that!

And when couples are as awesome and fantastically good-looking like Katrina and Louis, then well, we can’t say no.

Enjoy the beautiful imagery!

Hi Stephan,

This is so special!  Thank you so much for being wonderful to work with and for turning your talented art into something we’ll cherish forever!




Feature Film