Story Keywords:

Hearty. Humor. Steal-Away. Eternal. Maui-Beach-Elopement

Couple: Ashlee & Brad
Location: Ironwoods Beach, Maui Hawaii
Planner: Kendal at White Orchid Wedding
Photographer: Anna Kim Associates
Hair and Make-Up: Meili Autumn Beauty

Ashlee found our other Maui beach elopement films in our portfolio. She loved the idea of all that coverage at a lower price point, because anything more would have been overkill to her. Sure, we didn’t have all the cinematic gear out that we usually have when more of us are present (steadicam, additional angles, etc…), but with constraint comes resourcefulness to do more with less. In this case, Stephan was able to get beautiful movement shots with simply a handheld camera and slow motion capture (60P at 4K). As a result of simplicity, new possibilities for creativity arise.

OMG!!!! I can never thank you enough!!! I am so happy we chose you to document the beginning of our marriage. Absolutely beautiful!!!



This Maui beach elopement film turned out absolutely stunning, lashing winds, pelting rain (that Maui rainbow needed rain from somewhere!)  and enchanted forests… 

To all the couples out there planning an elopement: I salute you for taking the time for just yourselves (ok a few guests still qualify it as an elopement) and focusing on each other with zero distractions! Not even the elements distracted Ashlee and Brad one bit, a testament to their laser focus on each other.