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Natasha & Tavi: A Hana Wedding

He said, “Standing on the grounds that my papa “Sonny” used to herd cattle, where my dad was raised and learned how to be a paniolo of his own, the mountains I would hunt as a young kid and the ocean where I spent most of my time surfing, diving and fishing… all that mana and beauty would not be complete without you in the center.”

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The Light: A Wailea Wedding

most wedding filmmakers shy away from conflict or even the idea of conflict, but we as filmmakers first, completely embrace it. Yes a wedding day is largely a joyous occasion, however, if the couple or family share the realness of life, the pain of life, the challenges, ups and downs, then — if the couple is OK with it — we will feature it like any good blockbuster move MUST.

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Since Sixteen

The way this couple met is not something I encounter much anymore in this day and age of internet and dating apps. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that Konnie knows what she wants and doesn’t mess around. This film was delivered in stunning 4K!

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