Story Keywords:

Career-Driven. Perseverance. Achievers. Hopeful. Love

Couple: Xiaochen and Xiang
Venue: Four Seasons Resort Maui
Wedding Planner: Stephanie Lai at Four Seasons
Photographer: Chris J Evans

Xiaochen and Xiang have an interesting story. Both from China, they met on the campus of Columbia University in New York City. Xiang realized when he saw her at Butler Library that Xiaochen was the girl from his dreams growing up. And while the Columbia campus is like out of a dream as well, this girl was real! “That’s Her!”

Both are very driven people and career was a priority coming out of grad school at Columbia. They tried to make long-distance work for over a year, with Xiang in California and Xiaochen back in New York City.

Hi Stephan:

The film is awesome! Thank you for your amazing work!


Xiang would visit her every two or three week over the weekend and even though jet-lagged and overworked, he was always happy to be with Xiaochen. 

Their wedding at Wailea Point is an inflection point in their lives, as they reshuffle their commitments from purely career-driven to a life together, wherever that path will take them.