Story Keywords:

Dream. Foreign-Adventure. Traditional. Young-at-Heart. Beauty.

Couple: Jean & Xuyang
Ceremony Location: Four Seasons Resort Maui
Photographer: Joana Tano
Minister: Pia Aluli

Jean and Xuyang were quite nervous about their intimate wedding at Four Seasons Resort Maui. So far away from home and letting a foreign photographer and cinematographer in to their personal space and secrets, can be a little intimidating. 

It didn’t take long in each of the getting-ready locations, however, until they eased into the starring role of their own film and photos. Their level of sincerity and genuine sweetness was such a treat and I hope this little elopement film shows this spirit we got to experience. 

We loved the film, many people cried after watching it. I love how people who didn’t get to attend the wedding could relive the experience from watching the film.

You are truly an artist!