Goya Windsurfing Freeride Videos

CompanyForward Maui 
Location: North Shore, Maui
Notes: For the Goya Windsurfing freeride and freerace series of boards and sails, the client sent us up in a helicopter to capture stunning imagery from the air. Paired with a 4K Sony camera on a Movi M5 stabilizer, this setup was far superior in image quality to anything a drone could have captured. While the wind was extremely light on the day we had the heli booked, the Windsurfing gear still got up on a plane and were able to collect a whole bunch of sweet footage as shown in these freerace videos, the Goya Windsurfing Volar and Bolt.

2017 Goya Fringe Product Video

CompanyGoya Windsurfing
Location: North Shore, Maui
Notes: Goya Windsurfing has some of the industry’s most amazing gear. We were approached by Francisco and Lalo Goya to showcase their 2017 collection with individual videos highlighting each product from the line. This is the Goya Fringe, a 3-Batten windsurf sail for wave riding. If your passion is in the waves, then the Goya Fringe is for you.

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