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Couple: Courtney & Skip
Ceremony Location: Wailea, Maui
Reception Location: Offshore Maui on Pride of Maui

We have seen a lot of couples interacting over the many years of creating wedding films. It is one of the things that makes this work so compelling, to observe the different ways in which two people relate to one another, speak to one another, touch each other. 

After having spent an hour with Courtney up in her room getting ready for the big ceremony, we transitioned to the first look location down at the fountains at The Grand Wailea for first look.

The first thing that was plainly obvious when interacting with each one separately was just how genuine and kind they were. Skip was full of youthful anticipation as we set him up for the reveal and Courtney too was so excited to finally see her soon-to-be husband on wedding day.

Then as she tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around to behold his bride-to-be, this remarkable childlike energy transmitted between the two of them. Big beaming smiles, uncontrolled, unbridled giggles and embraces followed with just the sweetest words whispered surprised us behind the cameras.

This continued all day and all night as we sailed into the sunset on Pride of Maui out of Maalaea Harbor. A great group of people along with a wonderfully genuine couple made this one for the ages.

Courtney & Skip | The Teaser

Courtney & Skip | The Short Film

Stills from Timeline