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Introducing Envoy by Four Seasons

The Creative Development is by Muse Storytelling, who called me up and wanted me on board to help bring this piece to life.My role in this project varied from Assistant Producing, bringing together and managing the opening hula sequence to Assisting First Camera to...

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The Culture That Connects Us – Four Seasons

The Creative Development is by Muse Storytelling. The Muse producers called on me to find remarkable stories on four Hawaiian Islands for their client Four Seasons. I must have interviewed and discovered over 30 different stories.  When production time...

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94 Year Old Granny Who Danced Away Despair

Story Keywords: Legacy. Loss. Community. Laughter. Purpose. An international popband sensation of centenarian grannies? Yep, it's KBG84.People in the Okinawa island chain in southern Japan live to be the oldest anywhere in the world. It is designated a...

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