Story Keywords:

Return. Home. Restriction. Wild. Free.

Couple: Aryana and Michael
Ceremony Location: St. Theresa’s Church, Kihei Maui
Reception Location: Andaz, Wailea, Maui
Reception Planner: Ashley Famalette at the Andaz Maui
Photographer: Amorphia Photography
Hair: Meili Autumn Beauty

Thanks so much, the film is Perfection………..we really love the additions and are super excited to share the video with all of our friends and family. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t shed a tear while watching it….lol



Can you imagine being Aryana, a free-spirited wild-child who at the age of 4 already ran away from home? OK OK, I should add that she packed her lunchbox of all things and only made it as far as the mailbox at the end of the driveway before rethinking the plan, but still: the intent was clearly there! She had fire and freedom in her heart from early on in life. And, well, you can say that clashed with the cultural constraints her Iranian father was conditioned to enforce in a culturally antithetical place like New Jersey, USA.

As I listened to Aryana and Michael on our story exploration FaceTime chat a month before the wedding, this particular story element really came to the fore. It’s powerful, because — like any good story — it involves a conflict. A strong conflict!

Aryana and Michael were not all too sure what to expect in creating a wedding film. They, like many other couples, thought it just meant that videographers show up, shoot everything and then edit together a music wedding video. But as we talked and I eased them into the prospect of trying something, well, a little more adventurous, something quite far outside the box, Aryana’s eyes lit up.

“Like, Stephan, you don’t understand! We’re anything BUT ordinary or conventional! YES YES YES! We want to do something DIFFERENT!!!” Aryana passionately emoted.

Of course, like anything outside the ordinary, we were faced with a challenge: HOW DO WE DO THIS??? HOW DO WE ACTUALLY TELL THIS STORY??? It took quite a bit of digging, cajoling, and preparation before wedding production day arrived. It was a back and forth with the players, helping them dig deeper and be more honest than they were perhaps initially comfortable being. And after production day, when the grueling 12 hour marathon was finally done and dusted, and we reviewed the footage and the narrative, we were DELIGHTED to see what we were able to capture for Aryana, Michael and the entire family clans!

We dug deeper. We never settled for the easy and convenient. And the outcome shows this commitment to tell extraordinary stories for extraordinary couples.