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Story Keywords:

Fit. Country. Sarcastic. Familial. Friends

Couple: Shay and Justin
Location: Johnstown, Colorado
Venue: Rockin’ S Ranch

We shot Shay and Justin’s proposal out on Maui and the natural progression was for us to be flown out to Colorado a year later and shoot their wedding. The couple was sold on the storytelling they saw in the wedding film portfolio and when we started to work together on storyboards and  the story itself, we went down a fun road to sculpt narrative and scenes. 

And while Colorado was a little different than we are used to here on the islands (to say the least), I dare say the scenes we setup and had the talent move in turned out quite spectacular. 

This film far surpassed our expectations and we are so unbelievable grateful that flying you and Chris out to Colorado ended up being one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! You guys are true talents and artists. THANK YOU!
Shay & Justin

Bride & Groom