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Fit to Love

When we get to shoot a proposal in Hawaii and full wedding at the couple’s home, we don’t hesitate. It is a wonderful opportunity to see people in their own element as opposed to just at a destination wedding location like Hawaii.

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Since Sixteen

The way this couple met is not something I encounter much anymore in this day and age of internet and dating apps. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that Konnie knows what she wants and doesn’t mess around. This film was delivered in stunning 4K!

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Returning Home

Jenny said unequivocally: I chose you guys, because you were the only ones who break the mold of the standard wedding videos out there. What do you do to make them so cinematic and such an emotional roller coaster?

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Kirstie & Ken

Originally Kirstie and Ken looked to do a small intimate wedding at city hall in San Francisco. But Ken wanted more for his fiancé. He wanted a celebration that would bring his family together and also give Kirstie the opportunity to have her dad — who so obviously loves his daughter so much — walk her down the aisle.

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Chinese Elopement at Four Seasons Resort Maui

Jean and Xuyang had a dreamy elopement with just a few friends at beautiful Four Seasons Resort Maui. The day and venue did not disappoint as everything came together in a perfect shoot. The wedding was captured and delivered in stunning 4K resolution.

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Migration Home

He from Italy, she from Hawai`i. They marry no where near the middle, in Hawai`i. View the breathtaking imagery from various locations on Maui.

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Finding Your Way Back Home

Can you imagine being Aryana, a free-spirited wild-child who at the age of 4 already ran away from home? OK OK, I should add that she packed her lunchbox of all things and only made it as far as the mailbox at the end of the driveway before rethinking the plan, but still: the intent was clearly there!

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Bula! For Life

This is the love story of Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist Julia Mancuso and her beau, Dylan Fish. It was shot on Tavarua Island in Fiji.

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Maui Four Seasons Wedding Together by Fate

Grace and Justin fell in love with some of our more dreamy and etherial portfolio samples. They were in Australia and we in Hawaii. After timezone coordination sorted, we hopped on a Skype call and they shared their story with us. As you will see in the film itself, it’s quite a love story, as the minister Ron Winckler tells it.

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A Maui Dream Wedding – Annette & Jeff

A first date at Starbucks, when neither of them drank coffee to their first kiss at the cemetery in Ft. Worth, it’s fair to say these two are able to tune out the outside world and focus deeply on one another.

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Big Island Wedding – Knowing Your Why

David emailed me on a Sunday night regarding his Big Island Wedding, decided to book us on a Tuesday and we flew to the Big Island on a Thursday that same week to shoot his and Kyle’s wedding. A stunning affair directly on the beach with a reception dinner to follow made for a truly magical experience.

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Never the Same Love Twice

Sydney first contacted us via The Knot. She was attracted to our storytelling style that sought not to merely document the day, the location and the wedding, but rather shed a larger perspective on their lives and how they got here.

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You Had Me at Juicebox – David and Nina

Nina and David had a fun, playful side to them, firm in the belief of where they stand in their lives. Their friends’ speeches and their own personal vows showed this off beautifully and the resulting film that you see is designed to highlight this almost comedic and light-hearted side.

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In That Moment

Lauren and John eloped in Maui and wanted a low-key day, but with a film that said something about who they are and what their love of one another is based on.

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