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Story Keywords:

Dreamers. Whimsical. Hopeless Romantics. Eternal. Action

Couple: Giada & Matteo
Location: Ironwoods Beach, Maui Hawaii
Planner: Fawn Evermore with Maile Maui Weddings
Photographer: Mariah Milan
Hair and Make-Up: Meili Autumn Beauty
Bouquet: In Bloom Floral
Haku Lei: Haku Maui

Aloha Stephan!!
In few words…. we are shocked!!!!!
Your film “Lettere d’amore” is absolutely stunning and we love it very much!!!
It’s a perfect combination of love, passion, beauty in a heavenly context!!!
You were able to capture every single emotion of those moments and to recreate them in our video!
Thank you so much with all our hearts!!
Giada and Matteo


Giada and Matteo were looking for a cinematic crew who showed a sensibility toward sculpting a movie of their love that was probably going to be a huge departure from other productions that crew has ever done. For one, it was to be only in Italian and secondly, they wanted only their Italian vows used as the narrative to tell the story. Having seen our storytelling narrative style, as well as knowing about our European roots (I’m German/ Austrian, born in Germany), they decided that we were going to be the ones to tell their unique and burning love story.

The shoot was not without its challenges though. It was extremely windy and the elements seemed to be especially pounding that day (although it was beautifully sunny). And then,  one of our tripods slipped off a rock and the whole $3000 camera with $1500 lens came crashing to the ground: ND filter shattered and camera showing an error message, BUT the lens seemingly in-tact and the camera — after taking out the battery and reinserting it — fired right back up and didn’t miss a beat.

It was such a privilege to work on this — a very different — wedding. The melody and cadence of the Italian language just makes my romance heart skip a beat and the couple reminds me of what passionate, vulnerable, and fearless love can be like. An amazing display of courage and unbreakable love I’ve ever seen at a wedding (and a perfect example of what personal vows can be like for any couple watching).

Thank you Mariah and Fawn for being such amazing collaborators and to Randal and Gio of MAB, thank you for shining a light on Giada’s natural beauty. What an amazing team!

Love love love this Italian wedding on Maui…

Lettere d’Amore – Feature Film

Lettere d’Amore – Teaser