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Story Keywords for this Mexico Destination Wedding:

Party. Tinder. Maui. Mexico. Friendship.

Couple: Ani & Christopher
Rehearsal Dinner: Cabo San Jose
Ceremony Location: Cabo San Lucas
Reception Location: Casa Mariposa, Cabo San Lucas
Second Shooter: Caleb McLellan

Our very own cinematographer Chris Harder got married to his long-time girlfriend, Ani at this Mexico Destination Wedding. Yes, Chris met Ani on Tinder. They both swiped right. They met in person and instantly felt a match.

The Mexico adventure started off with a little visit to the Mexico customs office. They picked me out of the queue, because I had a big Pelican case that is a dead give-away that I’ve got camera gear. They asked to open the case and when they discovered that I had three cameras, instead of the allowed two, they demanded I pay them $400 cash on the spot. Well, this Mexico destination wedding was off to a great start!

I didn’t have $400 though. So they told me to go to the ATM and get the cash. I told them I don’t have a debit card. They told me to use a credit card. I told them I don’t have the PIN to my credit cards. So we sat there silent for a few minutes, starring each other down. I finally opened my mouth and said, “what I do have is $150 in cash, in my wallet, right now.”

“OK OK… that’s fine.”

And so our corrupt side-deal was done and I could go on my merry way to create an epic wedding film!

For all the trouble I went through in customs, it all was made better when Caleb — the second shooter — and I were greeted with handmade, fresh Margaritas at the villa. OK! This is a way to be greeted at a wedding! Not to worry though, we weren’t scheduled to shoot for another 2 days, so we had all the time in the world to enjoy the sinful joys of Mexico. 🤣

Chris wanted to focus on the togetherness of family and friends in this epic villa right on the beach in Baja, Mexico. Important to him was beautifully lit speeches, epic romantic beach images and a general eye for impeccable cinematography.

I think we delivered quite nicely.

Here is something you don’t usually see though: Chris edited his own Mexico Destination wedding film. He took all the footage and narrative we shot and pieced it all together into a meaningful film.

I think he did a great job, if I do say so myself.

Love you, brother Chris!