Story Keywords:

Juicebox. Easy-flow. Enchanted. Lighthearted. Adapt.

Couple: Nina and David
Location: Kihei, Maui
Planner & Catering: Tina Digman at Food for the Soul
Photographer: Anna Kim Photography

Nina and David had a fun, playful side to them, firm in the belief of where they stand in their lives. Their friends’ speeches and their own personal vows showed this off beautifully and the resulting film that you see is designed to highlight this almost comedic and light-hearted side.

Now Nina and David also have a deep and intense side, which is evidenced by their love of electronic dance music that puts them into a trance. The music we selected (the second song) as well as the color grade we chose shows this off  and adds a sense of gravity to them and is a counterpoint to the their lighter, more playful side.

We hope you enjoy their story!

Thank you so much Stephan! It’s amazing we love it sooo much! Wedding Wire review incoming!!!

Nina Chai