Story Keywords:

Kegstand. Giving. Family. Together. Love

Couple: Kirstie & Ken
Ceremony & Reception Location: Olowalu Plantation House
Wedding Planner: Food For the Soul
Photographer: Maui Creative Photography

Originally Kirstie and Ken looked to do a small intimate wedding at city hall in San Francisco. But Ken wanted more for his fiancé. He wanted  a celebration that would bring his family together and also give Kirstie the opportunity to have her dad — who so obviously loves his daughter so much — walk her down the aisle. 

And like any good story has, there was a major conflict. On September 27th, the weather gods decided to open the floodgates on Maui and soak it like we haven’t seen in years. Kirstie was so distraught and cried all day, resigned to the fact that her big Maui wedding got next day was going to be a complete rainout as well. Olowalu Plantation House was underwater, seemingly aided by all the tears Kirstie shed. 

Lo and behold, the 28th brought with it sunny skies and the swamps at Olowalu miraculously dried up just in time for the ceremony and subsequent festivities. The film shows just how beautiful things turned out. 


We are balling our eyes out as we watch this video over and over again. Thank you so much for capturing our special day. We are so amazed of how you were able to capture the story of us in this short film. You have such an amazing talent for film and we hope to work with you in the future. 
Again, we are truly grateful for this piece, we cannot wait to share this with all of our friends and family!!!!!!