Story Keywords:

Peace. Found. Maui. Right-One. Gratitude.

Couple: Mimi and Indo
Location: On Ali’i Nui Yacht
Photographer: Creative Island Visions
Notes: Mimi and Indo called us in September of 2016. They saw our portfolio and loved it. As a result, they had faith in us being able to tell their story the way they wanted it: etherial, adventurous and epic.

Come wedding day, the timeline was very condensed and the boat ride didn’t leave us the usual opportunity to collect a broad range of footage and interesting narrative. In addition, it was very windy. Despite all that, we were still able to collect some beautiful nuggets and a solid ceremony for narrative. While a good foundation was set from the wedding day shoot on the boat, Mimi and Indo still added a romantic/ trash the dress shoot 2 days later that ended up being exactly what the film needed properly tell the story of their maui wedding journey together.

The whale shot was captured one week after Mimi and Indo’s January 1st wedding. Score!

The conclusion of the film? A couple who was blown away and could not be happier (see comments on right).

Aloha Stephan,

We just watched the video and it is amazing! You have such a special talent!  We just love the video. LOVE IT!

Indo wanted you to do the video from the first wedding video we saw of yours and he said he was speechless after watching ours. ????????  AMAZING! How you put the words with the shots is breathtaking.