Story Keywords:

Loss. Love. Humanity. Move-Forward. Found.

Couple: Stacey and Patrik
Location: Sugar Beach Events, Kihei
Photographer: Chris Evans
Officient: Kale of Manutea Nui E

“You can’t put conflict in a wedding film! You’re CRAZY! It’s JUST NOT DONE!” I’ve been told.

We’ve been creating wedding films for a long time now, and besides personally wanting to create films that are more than a basic music video, peppered with some eye candy here and there (drone, slow motion, etc…), and an occasional speech snippet, we see an opportunity to augment wedding films to something more like a movie you would see in the theater. A movie is built on conflict that makes the audience wonder: “wow… how will this person deal with this challenge? What will she do?”

Stacey is a mother who has lost her son. How she gets through this most unspeakable tragedy makes this film an example of the movie-like wedding films we love to create.

Thank you so much! It is so beautiful, you made it better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so very much!!
Stacey and Patrik
Stacey Ekstrand