Couple: Janelle and Joshua
Location: Olowalu Plantation House, Maui
Planner: Steven Cook at White Orchid Wedding
Photographer: Mojahedi Photography
Notes: This was a special event for us, because it was our first wedding in which there was a hearing impaired partner. The Maui love was palpable. It was simply amazing to me, when you take a sensory input out (audio), how much more you feel. During the romantic shoot for example, the photographer who was also hearing impaired, lead the couple in such wonderfully graceful ways, silent, but very clear. Out on the pier at Olowalu, in silence with nothing but nature’s song, I felt completely in the zone with the couple and the photographer. It was an amazing new experience and the Maui love I believe translated on to the screen.

For the ceremony, we had to really think on our toes to create well composed shots, but also accommodate the sign language interpreters. We struck the right balance, even if we were heavily backlit. This was also the first time we included closed captioning! Always learning, always growing.

Thank you Janelle and Joshua, as well as Janice (mother of the bride), as well as Steven Cook.

Comments forthcoming…

Janelle Conrad