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Couple: Divna & Kerem
Ceremony Location: Ritz Carlton, Kapalua

Divna (from Macedonia) and Kerem (from Turkey) have been together for eight years. When most couples by then would have moved into a less “lovey-dovey”  or “butterflies in your tummy” stage of their relationship, these two seemed to have preserved the moments reserved for young love affairs.

When they saw the elopement film of the Italian couple we did a few years back, they  were absolutely convinced that we would get their love story right.


Wedding day was celebrated at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua and adventure day was 3 days later on a trip around Hana side and through Kaupo.

Judging by Kerem’s initial text message after having seen it, his intuition was spot on.

Text 1: “Hearstopping moment, watching it!”
Text 2: “Stephan, who are you my friend, and what is this? I don’t have words to explain how amazing this is. You have 100 times exceeded my expectations.”

This wedding was mastered in HDR, Dolby Vision.

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