Story Keywords:

Re-Kindle. Loss. Fateful. Journey. Cyclical

Couple: Jenny and Bo
Location: Ironwoods Beach, Kapalua
Photographer: Juan Pacifico

Jenny said unequivocally: I chose you guys, because you were the only ones who break the mold of the standard wedding videos out there. What do you do to make them so cinematic and such an emotional roller coaster? I mean, I don’t even know these people in the portfolio and I just want to laugh and cry!

The answer? Simple: it’s story. It’s conflict, wanting something that you have to fight for.

The truth is, story is hard to get. It takes time to understand story structure and it takes time to find the plot points to a couple’s story. But that’s how we do it and that’s how we did it with Jenny and Bo.

Their story moved us to pieces, how they had a tumultuous and stormy love affair in the beginning, and then it suddenly it all fell apart. What will happen? Is the trajectory linear and their vectors continue in opposite directions? Or is the universe cyclical?

Jenny and Bo’s story was shot in 4 hours on the Beach on Maui and will forever memorialize them and their love.

I am BEYOND blown away. We are both crying and just incredibly happy and impressed. I will find the right words to say when they come to me, and I promise they will.

Beyond thrilled. Something that will stay with us forever.

Jennifer Gorman