The Creative Development is by Muse Storytelling.

The Muse producers called on me to find remarkable stories on four Hawaiian Islands for their client Four Seasons. I must have interviewed and discovered over 30 different stories. 

When production time came around, we were in the middle of our busy wedding season, but I was able to make time to be part of this incredible team of Emmy Award Winning filmmakers to help produce this piece. 

My roles included as stated: story discovery in preproduction, and then assistant producer, assisting the director, as well as assistant camera and talent on horseback 😎 (and don’t laugh at my tourist shorts… chaffage… OUCH!)

I already have a Four Seasons pedigree having worked for them for four years in the early 2000 and now with the experience gained from working with a heralded production crew on the other side is simply gold for us to bring back to our wedding productions. 

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