Couple: Chelsea & Jerry
Ceremony Location: The Chapel at the Grand Wailea Maui
Reception Location: Chapel Overlook, Grand Wailea Maui
Wedding Planner: Grand Wailea Events Team and Brittany Coakley
Photographer: Mykle Coyne Photography

Chelsea, Jerry, family and friends joined us on Maui all the way from Dallas, Texas and various other parts of the world.

Brittany, their Dallas wedding planner, shared with us the couple’s desire to capture the day as it unfolded with some fun prompts and queues to create a beautiful movie. They did not need us to develop their story in advance with them since they were more focused to plan and create a stunning and off-the-chains fun event.

How do we approach an event like this?

It’s all in the preparation and early arrival. A Grand Wailea wedding can sometimes be quite spread out, because ceremony and reception locations can be in very different spots and bridal and groom prep on opposite sides of the property. In this case everything concentrated in the same general area, all close to the wedding chapel. So we showed up two hours early and talked game plan.

We prepared the reception area by setting up our LED lights with diffusion, as well as our brand new top-of-the-line audio recording gear. Preparation is so critical, because oftentimes reception proceedings like grand entrance, first dance, speeches, cake-cut, etc…

This is….AMAZING! We are blown away and family is blown away! Thank you so much for all you guys hard work! They are so excited to share with friends and fam! Wish you guys were in Dallas! I would recommend you to everyone!
Chelsea & Jerry

Bride & Groom

happen so quickly and in such close succession, that if you’re not prepared and ready, then you end up capturing second-rate images and (heaven forbid) crappy audio (there is almost nothing worse than bad audio).

We then assessed how we would capture the ceremony in the Chapel. The chapel can present some challenging lighting conditions. There is stained glass on all sides and with the sun moving through the sky, as well as from in front and behind cloud, means light conditions change constantly. If your camera settings aren’t dialed in and proper white balance set, you can run in to problems. Equipped with a light temperature meter, we got six cameras in the ballpark.

All that preparation set us up for success as the event unfolded like clockwork. Brittany and the Grand Wailea wedding team really made everything run very smoothly, which set us up for success and contributed to the making of this film.

We hope you love it as much as the happy couple, friends and family.

Stills from the Timeline