Story Keywords:

Forbidden. Unquenchable. Trapped. Release. Be Free.

Couple: Uyen and Victor
Location: Ka`anapali. Maui
Venue: Hyatt Kaanapali wedding
Planner: Sarah Hovis
Photographer: none! They just wanted video.

Victor emailed me and expressed that he really wanted to work with us for his Hyatt Kaanapali wedding, but that we were more expensive than the other two options he was looking at. He particularly loved several of our films including Since Sixteen and Returning Home.

He had a quite an interesting story to tell and he felt strongly that what we do was most conducive to how he wanted it told. We spoke about process and how we get to the results in our films. I spelled out exactly how we do what we do and by going through this process, we would treat their love story with the care and intent that it required and deserved.

When we were done with that call, he said, “This is great, thank you!  This is why you guys are unique vs the typical infomercial style studios.  We’ve got some work to do!”

A short month later we were with him, Uyen, kids and family at the Hyatt Kaanapali wedding to tell their story.

They came prepared and besides the fact that drones can no longer fly in Kaanapali (because of the new geofencing updates that prohibit the drone from taking off), we had a perfectly paced day with ample time in prep with Uyen and Victor, enough time to setup for the ceremony, romantic photo session, first dance and cake cut. Thank you Sarah for organizing this Hyatt Kaanapali wedding so well! You made our lives so much easier and allowed us to do what we do best: be creative.

From Instagram:
@stephanboekerfilms I have no words…Your work is stunning! Thank you so much for the incredible film you and Chris put together. We are so lucky to have crossed paths with you to create our Hyatt Kaanapali wedding film! ❤️
Aloha Stephan!  I’m sorry for the late reply – I wanted to make sure I had ample time to express our appreciation and gratitude for the incredible film that you created for us!  The movie has been on constant replay for the past week and we are still in disbelief that our story has come into reality!  You are truly a master of your craft and we couldn’t have hoped for better!  Our friends and family who were present said it captured the true essence of the experience, something that rarely ever happens!!  Those who couldn’t be there were able to relive the event with us in 4 dimensions all thanks to your incredible gift and creativity!  You have outdone yourself and we could not be happier with our piece of eternity.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there are any other reviews or places that we can leave our sincere recommendation!  Hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet again as we have lots of budding love around us who may need your services one day!!  Thank you again Stephan!  
Uyen & Victor

Bride & Groom

Instagram Teaser

Feature Film

Still Photos from the Video Timeline