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Returning Home

Story Keywords:

Re-Kindle. Loss. Fateful. Journey. Cyclical

Couple: Jenny and Bo
Location: Ironwoods Beach, Kapalua
Photographer: Juan Pacifico

Jenny said unequivocally: I chose you guys, because you were the only ones who break the mold of the standard wedding videos out there. What do you do to make them so cinematic and such an emotional roller coaster? I mean, I don’t even know these people in the portfolio and I just want to laugh and cry!

The answer? Simple: it’s story. It’s conflict, wanting something that you have to fight for.

The truth is, story is hard to get. It takes time to understand story structure and it takes time to find the plot points to a couple’s story. But that’s how we do it and that’s how we did it with Jenny and Bo.

Their story moved us to pieces, how they had a tumultuous and stormy love affair in the beginning, and then it suddenly it all fell apart. What will happen? Is the trajectory linear and their vectors continue in opposite directions? Or is the universe cyclical?

Jenny and Bo’s story was shot in 4 hours on the Beach on Maui and will forever memorialize them and their love.

I am BEYOND blown away. We are both crying and just incredibly happy and impressed. I will find the right words to say when they come to me, and I promise they will.

Beyond thrilled. Something that will stay with us forever.

Jennifer Gorman


A Secret Love

Story Keywords:

Forbidden. Confident. Touch. Go-Getters. Fun-Loving.

Couple: Katrina and Louis
Location: Olowalu, Maui Hawaii
Planner: Ana Contessa of Tropical Maui Weddings
Hair and Make-Up: Meili Autumn Beauty

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes couples tell me straight up, “Stephan, we love your visuals so much, but just don’t quite have the mental bandwidth in the weeks and month leading up to the event to work on story with you! Any chance you can just do what you do with your cinematography and use whatever narrative might come your way?”

That’s what Katrina asked me. And while story is really what we love first and foremost, we also love creating beautiful imagery, a LOT. And so yeah, we’re OK with that!

And when couples are as awesome and fantastically good-looking like Katrina and Louis, then well, we can’t say no.

Enjoy the beautiful imagery!

Hi Stephan,

This is so special!  Thank you so much for being wonderful to work with and for turning your talented art into something we’ll cherish forever!




Instagram Trailer (1 min runtime)

Feature Film

Migration Home

Story Keywords:

Bridge. Distance. Multi-Cultural. Eternal. Love

Couple: Kiana & Mattia
Rehearsal Dinner: Sugar Beach Events
Ceremony Location: Maria Lanakila Church in Lahaina
Reception Location: Olowalu Plantation House
Wedding Planner: Bliss Maui
Photographer: Maui Creative Photography

Kiana and Mattia come from such different places on this globe: Mattia from Italy and Kiana from Hawaii.  

They have been all over the world and had the chance encounter in New York where they both lived and worked. For all the geographic and cultural differences, these two have come home to where love bridges all and brings these two families together in the magical setting of a Hawaii wedding, Kiana’s dream come true.

Kiana and Mattia admitted that while the idea of in-depth story telling was intriguing, they really hired us for our cinematographic eye and final film. They wanted us to capture as much as we could and craft whatever story we could from that.

Here is the result. A story of home-coming, and of bridging cultural and geographical divide us through the power of love.


… to be determined.

Kiana & Mattia

Bride & Groom

Finding Your Way Back Home

Story Keywords:

Return. Home. Restriction. Wild. Free.

Couple: Aryana and Michael
Ceremony Location: St. Theresa’s Church, Kihei Maui
Reception Location: Andaz, Wailea, Maui
Reception Planner: Ashley Famalette at the Andaz Maui
Photographer: Amorphia Photography
Hair: Meili Autumn Beauty

Thanks so much, the film is Perfection………..we really love the additions and are super excited to share the video with all of our friends and family. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t shed a tear while watching it….lol



Can you imagine being Aryana, a free-spirited wild-child who at the age of 4 already ran away from home? OK OK, I should add that she packed her lunchbox of all things and only made it as far as the mailbox at the end of the driveway before rethinking the plan, but still: the intent was clearly there! She had fire and freedom in her heart from early on in life. And, well, you can say that clashed with the cultural constraints her Iranian father was conditioned to enforce in a culturally antithetical place like New Jersey, USA.

As I listened to Aryana and Michael on our story exploration FaceTime chat a month before the wedding, this particular story element really came to the fore. It’s powerful, because — like any good story — it involves a conflict. A strong conflict!

Aryana and Michael were not all too sure what to expect in creating a wedding film. They, like many other couples, thought it just meant that videographers show up, shoot everything and then edit together a music wedding video. But as we talked and I eased them into the prospect of trying something, well, a little more adventurous, something quite far outside the box, Aryana’s eyes lit up.

“Like, Stephan, you don’t understand! We’re anything BUT ordinary or conventional! YES YES YES! We want to do something DIFFERENT!!!” Aryana passionately emoted.

Of course, like anything outside the ordinary, we were faced with a challenge: HOW DO WE DO THIS??? HOW DO WE ACTUALLY TELL THIS STORY??? It took quite a bit of digging, cajoling, and preparation before wedding production day arrived. It was a back and forth with the players, helping them dig deeper and be more honest than they were perhaps initially comfortable being. And after production day, when the grueling 12 hour marathon was finally done and dusted, and we reviewed the footage and the narrative, we were DELIGHTED to see what we were able to capture for Aryana, Michael and the entire family clans!

We dug deeper. We never settled for the easy and convenient. And the outcome shows this commitment to tell extraordinary stories for extraordinary couples.

Hannah + Kyle

Story Keywords:

Family. Aloha. Great Love. Home. Peace.

Couple: Hannah & Kyle
Ceremony Location: Olowalu Plantation House
Wedding Planner: Maui’s Angels
Photographer: Karma Hill
Hair & Make-Up: Maui Make-Up Artistry
Flowers: Bella Bloom
Catering: Food for the Soul Maui
Cake: Cake Fanatics
Music: Marvin Tevaga
DJ: Maui DJ Services
Calligraphy: Miss B Calligraphy 


Wedding Notes

Hannah and Kyle approached us simply because they loved our cinematography. They wanted us to create a visually strong piece that was built around the closeness of their family and the tender love they have for one another.

These compact 4 hour weddings are the perfect amount of time to create a highlight film that doesn’t say too much, but says enough. That balance — we believe, and Hannah and Kyle believe — was struck.


Stephan was simply amazing! When I was researching videographers, I wasn’t “wowed” by some of the examples I had seen but then I found Stephan’s site and his videos emulated EXACTLY what I was hoping for with my wedding video. Not only is he incredibly kind and easy to work with, our video turned out to be amazing and we loved seeing another perspective of our wedding. I truly feel we chose the best of the best!

We absolutely LOVED it! It was so amazing to be able to re-live that day from a different perspective. Our family absolutely loved it as well. It’s so special for us to have that. I especially loved getting to hear everything Robert had to say again. We truly feel like we made the absolute best choice in choosing you. Thank you SO much!



Bula! For Life

Story Keywords:

Adventure. Olympic Champion. Friends. Free. Surf.

Couple: Julia Mancuso and Dylan Fish
Location: Tavarua Island Resort, Fiji
Photography: Lauren Ross Photography
Hair & Make-Up: Meili Autumn Beauty
Jewelry: Aloha Bling

Olympic gold and two time silver Medalist Julia Mancuso and her beau Dylan Fish had not one, but two weddings. One in Tahoe in December 2016 and another one in Fiji on a tiny Island off the coast of Nadi called Tavarua in June 2017. It was the latter celebration we travelled to and shot with a very light equipment kit. The result, we hope you will agree, speaks to the amazing group of people and the magic the island and its hosts provided!


You’re amazing! Wow:) I wanna watch that everyday for the rest of my life!



Kahala Wedding – Melanie & Isaac

Story Keywords:

Community. Tradition. Humor. Smart. Laughter

Couple: Melanie & Isaac
Location: Kahala Resort & Hotel
Planner: Candace Redongo @ Let’s Do This Wedding Planning

Hi Stephan,

Sorry for the delay. We were trying to find the right words to say thank you. Thank you soooo much for the wonderful film. It was one of the best days of our lives, and the story that you captured will make us remember it fondly for the rest of our lives. We are soooo happy to have this film to relive our wedding. You really went above and beyond to get it all perfect, so we sincerely thank you for your hard work and amazing storytelling.



Janet & Gregg – A Kauai Wedding

Story Keywords:

Giggle. Grace. Compassion. Genuine. Quirky.

Couple: Janet and Gregg
Location: Grandy Hyatt Resort Kauai
Photography: MewMew Studios

We just saw the video together and we LOVED it! Thank you for capturing all the emotions and telling our story so beautifully.Thank you so much! It felt so magical just like in the movies.



White Orchid Wedding Beach House – You Had Me at Scouts

Story Keywords:

Scouts. Healthy Love. Leaders. Giving. Shine

Couple: Katrina and Maurice
Location: White Orchid Wedding Beach House
Planner: Steven Cook & Bernie Freitas at White Orchid Wedding
Photography: Sasha Prince Photography
Florist: Native Intelligence
Florist: Orchid Lei Co.
Entertainment: Ace-Beats
Caterer: Maui Style Seafood
Bar Services: Maui Bars Are Us
Hair and Makeup: Maui Make-Up Artistry

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the film! It’s perfect and captured our day so beautifully! I loved how you put pieces of the speech together and blended it so well. We are so so happy with how the film turned out! Thank you for capturing our day just like it was in a movie!!



Maui Four Seasons Wedding Together by Fate

Story Keywords:

Fate. Journey. Challenges. Acceptance. Discovery.

Wedding Details

Couple: Grace and Justin
Location: Four Seasons Resort Maui
Photographer: Anna Kim Photography
Hair and Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty
Hawaiian Cultural Representative: Kawika Dang of Manutea Nui E
Minister: Ron Winckler

Notes: Grace and Justin fell in love with some of our more dreamy and etherial portfolio samples. After contacting us and as soon as their date availability was confirmed, they unhesitatingly put down a deposit. They were in Australia and we in Hawaii. After timezone coordination sorted, we hopped on a Skype call and they shared their story with us. As you will see in the film itself, it’s quite a love story, as the minister Ron Winckler tells it.

They had their Maui Four Seasons Wedding location set. For the film, we firstly needed to decide together on a few narrative devices that would best suite the story they wanted us to tell. In addition we worked on how best to cover their event to capture the most compelling footage!  The segments we therefore covered were bridal/groom prep, with plenty of time to capture the amazing dress, the rings, make-up, as well as their amazing note reading and gift exchange. The next segment was the ceremony itself on the Maui Four Seasons wedding ocean front lawn, followed by the golden hour romantic shoot session on the famed Wailea Beach.

The result of our time together is this beautiful storybook film they will enjoy for the rest of their lives (and we believe will also touch their friends and family as well).

We sincerely hope you — the couple passing by — also loves this film.

Dear Stephan

We wanted to thank you again for creating such a wonderful video of our wedding.  You were one of the best vendors we experienced. It was really great to have someone so easy and organized; it really helped the wedding day run smoothly. You & Chris really captured all the special moments of our big event and turned into a beautiful story of us.

PS: Love the aerial shot of the venue and the whale !!! 🙂



In the Image of Love – A Maui Wedding in North Kihei

Story Keywords:

God. Love. Fun. Family. Devotion.

Couple: Zachary and Kristina
Location: Sugar Beach Events
Planner: Patty Flax & Bernie Freitas at White Orchid Wedding

I’m sorry we haven’t gotten back to you as we have both been traveling a ton! On behalf of Zac and I, thank you so much for the beautiful wedding video!!! We couldn’t be more happier with it! (Not to mention, my parents have it on repeat LOL) Again, thank you so much for being a huge part of our day and making it so special and memorable for us both!!
– Zac & Kristina


A Maui Dream Wedding – Annette & Jeff

Story Keywords:

Coffee. Travel. Tradition. Polar Opposites. Attraction

Couple: Annette and Jeff
Wedding Planner: Makena Weddings
Rehearsal Location: Ponomakena Sanctuary
Hawaiian Cultural Show: Manutea Nui E
Hair and Make-Up: Meili Autumn Beauty
Live Music: Matagi
Photography: Chris Evans
Wedding Venue:
 Sugar Beach Events

Thank you for getting it completed before the holidays-our family is going to love them!  It’s absolutely amazing!!



Big Island Wedding – Knowing Your Why

Story Keywords:

One. Radiance. Depth. Why. Aloha.

Wedding Details

Couple: David & Kyle
Location: Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Hawaii – Big Island Wedding
Photographer: Bikini Birdie Photography
Notes: David emailed me on a Sunday night regarding his Big Island Wedding, decided to book us on a Tuesday and we flew to the Big Island on a Thursday that same week to shoot his and Kyle’s wedding. A stunning affair directly on the beach with a reception dinner to follow made for a truly magical experience.

David believes that the “how” of things doesn’t matter, so long as we know the “why” of it. “How” this wedding came together last minute is not relevant; it’s the “why” it came together. And David found his why in Kyle.

This Big Island Wedding is like any other wedding with any other couple we’ve ever had the privilege of capturing. Like everyone, it’s so very special. We are grateful to David and Kyle as well as previous clients who referred us for believing in us. We also thank the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai for this outstanding Big Island Wedding venue! Spectacular!

I’m going to try to do this without crying. It’s 10:45AM on a Tuesday morning and I’m sitting at work watching the film and am just so grateful for what you’ve done for us. Literally the best decision we made was bring you aboard, and you are just a true artist and I am just so thankful for the gift you’ve given us.

Thank you so much, brother. I really really really appreciate it and I would be happy to sing your praises to anyone who will listen. Lot’s of love and thanks again!

David Breaux


Never the Same Love Twice

Story Keywords:

Child. Patience. Thoughtful. Blossom. Rock.

Couple: Sydney and Roy
Location: Olowalu Plantation House
Planner: Maui’s Angels
Photographer: Wendy Laurel Photography
Musician: Marvin Tevaga
DJ: Scott Doran
Cake: Emm’s Cakes
Calligraphy: Miss B’s Calligraphy
Notes: Sydney first contacted us via The Knot. She was attracted to our storytelling style that sought not to merely document the day, the location and the wedding, but rather shed a larger perspective on their lives and how they got here. They and their friends and family took great care through the speeches and vows to give us beautiful narrative nuggets as the backbone of the film. “There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.”

We hope you enjoy it.

It turned out so beautiful, thank you!

Syndey Galloway


You Had Me at Juicebox – David and Nina

Story Keywords:

Juicebox. Easy-flow. Enchanted. Lighthearted. Adapt.

Couple: Nina and David
Location: Kihei, Maui
Planner & Catering: Tina Digman at Food for the Soul
Photographer: Anna Kim Photography

Nina and David had a fun, playful side to them, firm in the belief of where they stand in their lives. Their friends’ speeches and their own personal vows showed this off beautifully and the resulting film that you see is designed to highlight this almost comedic and light-hearted side.

Now Nina and David also have a deep and intense side, which is evidenced by their love of electronic dance music that puts them into a trance. The music we selected (the second song) as well as the color grade we chose shows this off  and adds a sense of gravity to them and is a counterpoint to the their lighter, more playful side.

We hope you enjoy their story!

Thank you so much Stephan! It’s amazing we love it sooo much! Wedding Wire review incoming!!!

Nina Chai


Lettere d’Amore – An Italian Wedding in Maui

Story Keywords:

Dreamers. Whimsical. Hopeless Romantics. Eternal. Action

Couple: Giada & Matteo
Location: Ironwoods Beach, Maui Hawaii
Planner: Fawn Evermore with Maile Maui Weddings
Photographer: Mariah Milan
Hair and Make-Up: Meili Autumn Beauty
Bouquet: In Bloom Floral
Haku Lei: Haku Maui

Aloha Stephan!!
In few words…. we are shocked!!!!!
Your film “Lettere d’amore” is absolutely stunning and we love it very much!!!
It’s a perfect combination of love, passion, beauty in a heavenly context!!!
You were able to capture every single emotion of those moments and to recreate them in our video!
Thank you so much with all our hearts!!
Giada and Matteo


Giada and Matteo were looking for a cinematic crew who showed a sensibility toward sculpting a movie of their love that was probably going to be a huge departure from other productions that crew has ever done. For one, it was to be only in Italian and secondly, they wanted only their Italian vows used as the narrative to tell the story. Having seen our storytelling narrative style, as well as knowing about our European roots (I’m German/ Austrian, born in Germany), they decided that we were going to be the ones to tell their unique and burning love story.

The shoot was not without its challenges though. It was extremely windy and the elements seemed to be especially pounding that day (although it was beautifully sunny). And then,  one of our tripods slipped off a rock and the whole $3000 camera with $1500 lens came crashing to the ground: ND filter shattered and camera showing an error message, BUT the lens seemingly in-tact and the camera — after taking out the battery and reinserting it — fired right back up and didn’t miss a beat.

It was such a privilege to work on this — a very different — wedding. The melody and cadence of the Italian language just makes my romance heart skip a beat and the couple reminds me of what passionate, vulnerable, and fearless love can be like. An amazing display of courage and unbreakable love I’ve ever seen at a wedding (and a perfect example of what personal vows can be like for any couple watching).

Thank you Mariah and Fawn for being such amazing collaborators and to Randal and Gio of MAB, thank you for shining a light on Giada’s natural beauty. What an amazing team!

Love love love this Italian wedding on Maui…

Until the Maui Sun Dies – Maui Wedding Journey

Story Keywords:

Peace. Found. Maui. Right-One. Gratitude.

Couple: Mimi and Indo
Location: On Ali’i Nui Yacht
Photographer: Creative Island Visions
Notes: Mimi and Indo called us in September of 2016. They saw our portfolio and loved it. As a result, they had faith in us being able to tell their story the way they wanted it: etherial, adventurous and epic.

Come wedding day, the timeline was very condensed and the boat ride didn’t leave us the usual opportunity to collect a broad range of footage and interesting narrative. In addition, it was very windy. Despite all that, we were still able to collect some beautiful nuggets and a solid ceremony for narrative. While a good foundation was set from the wedding day shoot on the boat, Mimi and Indo still added a romantic/ trash the dress shoot 2 days later that ended up being exactly what the film needed properly tell the story of their maui wedding journey together.

The whale shot was captured one week after Mimi and Indo’s January 1st wedding. Score!

The conclusion of the film? A couple who was blown away and could not be happier (see comments on right).

Aloha Stephan,

We just watched the video and it is amazing! You have such a special talent!  We just love the video. LOVE IT!

Indo wanted you to do the video from the first wedding video we saw of yours and he said he was speechless after watching ours. ????????  AMAZING! How you put the words with the shots is breathtaking.



In That Moment

Story Keywords:

One-look. First-Love. Support. Protect. Unfolding.

Couple: Lauren & John
Location: Royal Lahaina & DT Flemmings Beach
Notes: Lauren and John eloped in Maui and wanted a low-key day, but with a film that said something about who they are and what their love of one another is based on. The stripped-down day with beautiful details ended up being the perfect confluence of moments to make up this wedding film.

We hope you love it.

The film is amazing! Thank you soooo much for capturing this for us! We cannot wait to share with everyone!

Lauren Edington


French Riviera Wedding Film Trailer | A Côte d’Azur Stunner

Story Keywords:

Famous. Luxury. Humor. Riviera. No-Rules.

Couple: Eddy and Anna
Location: French Riviera Wedding Film
Wedding Planner: Monica Delevaux with Haute Wedding
Notes: It’s been a long, tumultuous summer and fall season for us. From the many stunning cinematic weddings here in Hawaii to a 2 week wedding jaunt in France, Monaco and Italy, we’ve gone through the gamut.

Europe was a beyond amazing experience. From the sandy beaches of Saint Tropez, old town in Nice with amazing gastronomy, the posh Four Seasons at Cap Ferrat, the wealth and glamor of Monte Carlo and the rustic coastline of Liguria, Italy, no amount of film gear baggage (there were over $1000 in extra baggage fees) or travel logistics hassle could lessen the stoke. From the vast available pool of talent, it was such a privilege to have a couple and their family give us the nod to shoot their French Riviera wedding film.

Eddy and Anna’s event was a fairytale. We were privy to the absolutely lavish Hermitage Hotel where the couple put up a hundred of their closest friends and family, the stunning grounds of the Four Seasons Cap Ferrat where the wedding ceremony ceremony took place as well as several other stops between Saint Tropez, France all the way down to Cinque Terre, Italy.

It was sunny, comfortable and the couple was insanely in love. It  was grandiose.

From an email to friends and family:

Dear friends,
We received a beautiful trailer of our wedding while on honeymoon. It was amazing to relive those special moments again.
Love Anna & Eddy Silva
Anna and Eddy

Bride & Groom

French Riviera Wedding Film Still Images

Move Forward with Love

Story Keywords:

Loss. Love. Humanity. Move-Forward. Found.

Couple: Stacey and Patrik
Location: Sugar Beach Events, Kihei
Photographer: Chris Evans
Officient: Kale of Manutea Nui E

“You can’t put conflict in a wedding film! You’re CRAZY! It’s JUST NOT DONE!” I’ve been told.

We’ve been creating wedding films for a long time now, and besides personally wanting to create films that are more than a basic music video, peppered with some eye candy here and there (drone, slow motion, etc…), and an occasional speech snippet, we see an opportunity to augment wedding films to something more like a movie you would see in the theater. A movie is built on conflict that makes the audience wonder: “wow… how will this person deal with this challenge? What will she do?”

Stacey is a mother who has lost her son. How she gets through this most unspeakable tragedy makes this film an example of the movie-like wedding films we love to create.

Thank you so much! It is so beautiful, you made it better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so very much!!
Stacey and Patrik
Stacey Ekstrand



Wedding cinematography Hawaii is popular and the better videographers tend to fill up their schedules 6-12 in advance. It is always a good idea to inquire as soon as  you can, to let us guide you to the right package and reserve your date so it is for you and you alone.

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